Peter Alpert Launches 3rd Novel

Peter Alpert has released his much anticipated third novel: Unexpected. Here is a little preview…


It seems like just another personal injury case. Former judge and small town attorney Allan Henshaw is retained by farmer George Schmidt in a suit against Marlboro County, Colorado. George claims that the county refused to fix a section of damaged road and didn’t post any warning signs. As a result, George was in a violent pickup crash and sustained serious, life-threatening injuries.

Henshaw soon realizes that the case will be an uphill battle. The county has retained a flashy, big-city attorney to represent them. It will take all of Henshaw’s wits and prowess to get justice for George. Along the way, Henshaw will uncover a government conspiracy that is entwined in small-town life and all its public institutions.

This extraordinary legal thriller is based on a true story. It will have you questioning your own local government and the promises your elected officials have made—and perhaps broken.

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