Peter Alpert Launches 2nd Novel

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Peter Alpert has released his much anticipated second novel: The Vanishing Chemist. Here is a little preview…


Greed and opportunity become a volatile mix in retired attorney Peter Alpert’s novel The Vanishing Chemist.

Chemist Madison Bellamy first contacts attorney Mark Conover when he faces a $12 million judgement for allegedly polluting Colorado waterways with his platinum refinery. Conover gets the judgment overturned, but he hears from Bellamy again when the eccentric chemist continues his unscrupulous practices in Arizona.

That won’t be the last contact. Bellamy’s greed leads him into high-stakes finance deals and takes him around the world in pursuit of cash. Getting governmental approval before he sells stocks is simply a formality that Bellamy doesn’t have time to deal with. What he does have time for is a Bulgarian beauty who joins him in his quest.

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