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Unexpected: A Tale of Deception

The town of Eagleton is a rural community nestled in Colorado. The people who call the town home, twelve thousand in all, are for the most part plain-spoken and hard-working.

George Schmidt is one such townsperson. He spends most of his time eking out a modest existence on the farm he inherited from his father. His social life consists of a morning coffee in town. He doesn’t have time for much besides farming. But that’s all about to change.

When George is driving one morning, he hits a section of damaged road that causes him to lose control of his pickup truck. He is pinned in the wreckage and sustains severe, life-threatening injuries. He believes the local government is at fault for not fixing the road or putting up a warning sign.

The government argues that they did put up a sign—but it might have been after the fact. George hires legal counsel and soon realizes that there is more at stake for local officials than merely a payout. They will do anything to show they are not liable as election day looms.

George is in for the fight of his life as he attempts to get justice and uncover the truth behind small-town corruption.






Runaway: A Tragedy of Youth

Like many teenagers, Jim Carson doesn’t get along with his parents, feels neglected at home, and finds it hard to connect with classmates and teachers at school. Devising a half-baked plan, he flees his Florida home in the middle of the night for what he hopes will be a new start on the West Coast. What he encounters along the way is life changing, but not in the way he had hoped. Based on a true story, Runaway: A Tragedy of Youth takes an unflinching view of what can happen when impulse overcomes prudence, when a split-second decision can pull a life off its rails.









The Vanishing Chemist 

Greed and opportunity become a volatile mix in retired attorney Peter Alpert’s novel The Vanishing Chemist.

Chemist Madison Bellamy first contacts attorney Mark Conover when he faces a $12 million judgement for allegedly polluting Colorado waterways with his platinum refinery. Conover gets the judgment overturned, but he hears from Bellamy again when the eccentric chemist continues his unscrupulous practices in Arizona.

That won’t be the last contact. Bellamy’s greed leads him into high-stakes finance deals and takes him around the world in pursuit of cash. Getting governmental approval before he sells stocks is simply a formality that Bellamy doesn’t have time to deal with. What he does have time for is a Bulgarian beauty who joins him in his quest.

Throughout it all, he phones Conover, hoping to stay one step ahead of the authorities as he tries to get the pot of money of his dreams. How long can he keep it up? Conover merely wonders as the calls keep coming and he finds himself circling the globe in an effort to keep up with Bellamy.